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BoundTex has been used by professional resin installers since 2007. 

During this time BoundTex has been specified for some interesting, prestigious and unique projects including:

  • The Wentworth Estate, Surrey.

  • St Georges Hill, Surrey.

  • The National Motor Museum.

  • Antrim Castle, N. Ireland.

  • Dungannon Castle, N. Ireland.

  • Twickenham Rugby Stadium.

  • Benenden Girls School.

  • And many other locations.

When you or your resin installer chooses BoundTex for your installation you can feel confident that our premium quality polyurethane resin will deliver a top quality, long lasting surface. 

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James Bond Exhabition National Car Museu

James Bond Exhibition

St Georges Hill, Surrey

Wentworth Estate, Surrey

Antrim Castle, N.Ireland 

IMG_3102 (2).jpg

Twickenham Rugby Stadium

Dungannon Castle, N.Ireland

Benenden Girls School

Twickenham Entrance.jpg
Benenden Girls School Extension.jpg
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