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About Dried Aggregates UK

The journey to setting up Dried Aggregates UK was not an easy one. It became obvious very early on that in addition to solving supply issues that we knew would have, we also knew that finding a suitable site and location were going to be just as challenging.  


Our aim was to provide premium quality washed, dried, graded and bagged aggregates in South East England to reduce contractors delivery costs, improve reliability and to reduce their carbon footprint.   This would require a wash plant, drying plant, dust extraction, sieving, grading, and bagging equipment. We hoped to have all of these on one site however, to recycle the wash plant water we needed to setup a reservoir filtration system and we were unable to find a site close enough to our established trading location to do all of this. So we have two sites. One for bulk washing and stage one grading and a second site for product finishing and distribution.    


Another goal we had was to supply our wholesale competitors with dried aggregates bagged in their own branding at a competitive rate. Also to bring more competition to the industry as we believe it creates innovation, also that having multiple wholesale suppliers across the UK and Ireland encourages growth.


Thank you for visiting our site we look forward to trading with you.

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