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If you have an issue with a new or existing resin bound surface supplied by RBSG Materials Limited T/A ONEPOINT Resin please complete the form below and the team will review your case and provide a response within 5 working days. 

Before completing the form we would recommend viewing examples of previously reported issues and the causes of those issues which are well know by experienced installers. Thank you.

Water damage 1.png
Water damage 2.png
Water damage 3.png
Water damage 4.png

Trowel lubricant damage

The installation on the left was carried out in late November. The installation started in the bottom left corner of picture 1 which was close to the house and worked away from the house finishing top right.

The day time temperatures were around 10oC dropping to -1oC overnight. The following day in the finishing area the resin went white. The close up images in 2 and 3 show the two areas in greater detail. 

The reason the resin has gone white is because soapy water was used as a trowel lubricant. In the areas furthest from the house the low night time temperatures has slowed the curing process enabling the water to react with the isocyanate (hardener) causing a gassing action making the surface go white.

To prevent this happing a trowel lubricant with no water in should have been used. Using soapy water as a trowel lubricant will also dramatically reduce working times and can damage the surface as polyurethane resin use atmospheric moisture to cure.

To resolve the issue a thin roller coat of resin was applied in very dry conditions. Picture number 4 shows the surface where this has been applied as a comparison.


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