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DEVINE is the latest addition to the OnePoint brand range. It joins the range as a result of the number of domestic and commercial enquiries we receive asking us to carry out their resin installation.


Over the past 5 years we have been asked on many occasions by homeowners and Main Contractors if they could appoint our expertise to ensure their surface gets installed correctly.


For this same period, we have explained that as we were one of the UK’s leading suppliers of premium quality polyurethane resin systems that there was a conflict of interest, even though our trade competitors have always carried out installations whilst still supplying the trade.


In October 2019 we received a new enquiry seeking an installation management service so we sat down to try and figure out how we could meet the requirements of the projects we were being asked to install without their being a conflict of interest with our trade customers. This is when DEVINE was conceived.


DEVINE is a managed resin installation service. It works by utilising our expertise and knowledge of the resin industry to appoint and manage the best contractors in the industry to carry out domestic and commercial installations, inside and outside of the UK.


DEVINE positions itself between the client and the contractor to ensure that surfaces get installed on specification, on time and on budget for the client. From the contractors point of view we ensure that the best quality materials are used, with full technical backup and that the contractor gets paid in full. All DEVINE installations come with RESICARE.


If you are interested in becoming a DEVINE approved contractor please head over to our business opportunities page and complete the enquiry form.  

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