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GRAVELSET is a loose gravel or slate resin binder.


Manufactured by ONEPOINT RESIN a leading UK manufacturer of resin bound systems GRAVELSET is easy to use and is ideal for loose gravel along side paths, patios flower beds and more.


If you are tired of gravel being kicked around anywhere around your property then GRAVELSET is the solution for you.


There are three methods of application depending on the type of surface and what you aim to achieve.


Application Methods


Method 1. Is a simple pour on method. 1Ltr m2.

Method 2. Involves light mixing with a rake or trowel. 2Ltr m2.

Method 3. Involves mixing and fully coating all of the gravel. 3Ltr m2.


Method 1. Suits flower beds and areas where nobody walks.

Method 2. Suits areas of light foot traffic.

Method 3. Suits areas of regular foot traffic like paths.


Product Information


Kit size 5Litre

Drying time up to 18 hours.


Made in the UK and full instructions included.


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Approved eBay Distributors include:


  • Pm8cullens

  • Oldfield5127


If you would like to become a ONEPOINT RESIN distributor for any of the products we manufacture, please get in touch.

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