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Surface Preparation

Ensure substrate is sound, clean, dry, contamination free and suitable for the purpose. Remove all dust and foreign matter. Mask off areas where resin is not required using suitable tape. Measure out 4m2 areas to work to.


On a level surface carefully remove the container lid. Carefully pour (Part B) stored in the top of the container into (Part A) stored in the bottom.  Mix the base & activator components thoroughly using a mixing drill and paddle on a disposable ground sheet. Mix until fully homogeneous, ensuring material from the sides and base of the pail are well mixed. This should take around 1-2 minutes.


Mixing Aggregate

Using a forced action mixer or similar, mix the resin with the aggregate at a ratio of 4 x 25kg bags of aggregate to 1 complete mix of resin. If you do not have a 110 litre mixer the kit can be divided in to smaller mixes. Mix the resin and aggregate until all aggregate is coated with resin. 


Applying the Mix

Decant the mixture into suitable carrying container such as a wheel barrow then on to the application area. Begin screeding the mix using a new trowel (preferably with at least one rounded end.) Screed to approximately 15-18mm in depth determined by the aggregate size, during this process ensure the trowel has vegetable oil brushed on it regularly to ensure the trowel glides freely.


Closing Off

Once the mixture is laid to the required depth clean the trowel with vegetable oil and smooth one last time before adding the next mix. Always maintain a wet edge and work continuously until the surface is completed. Should additional slip resistance be required a 0.5-1mm clear crushed glass can be evenly cast on to the wet resin. 



BoundTex resin takes approximately 4-8 hours to cure *temperature variable and will reach vehicle strength after 24 hours. Full chemical cure after 28 days. 

BoundTex non UVR 2020.png


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