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Within our knowledge centre there is something for everyone. 

Whether you are a new installer or a homeowner who would like to know more about resin bound you should be able to find some useful information within the OnePoint Knowledge Centre. Below are some frequently asked questions to get you started,


Q:  Is resin bound water permeable?

A: Yes. Click play to view.

Q: Are all resins the same?

A: No. There are two main types of resin, standard resin which goes slightly amber when exposed to sunlight and UV stable resin which doesn’t change colour. UV resin is also stronger. BOUNDTEX resins are manufactured to ISO 9001

and ISO14001 by one

of the worlds biggest

chemical companies.

If you choose a different companies resin and have any concerns please call our technical team on 01732 845007.

Boundtex uvr 2020.png

Q. What weather conditions can resin bound be installed in?

A: Resin bound needs to be installed in dry conditions at temperatures of 5 °C and above. If the temperature is lower than this the drying process is slower. Times when drying times can vary a lot are spring and autumn.

This is because there can be high day time temperatures and low night time temperatures.

Q:  Does resin bound gravel crack?

A: No. The only reason resin bound gravel will ever crack is if the surface underneath the resin subsides in any way. 

Q:  What is the difference between UV and Non UV resin?

A: Over a 30 day period areas exposed to sunlight will go slightly amber in colour as seen in the picture below. Non UV resin is also cheaper to buy and not as strong as UV resin.


Q:  Which resins can be used with which colours?

A: UVR Resin can be used with any colour. Non UVR resin can only be used with more golden colours. We would also not recommend using Non UVR resin when ground temperatures are high. Non UVR cannot be used with a screed sledge either.

Q:  What size resin kits should be used for?

Foot icon.png
Car Icon 1.png

Light foot traffic:                5.5 kg Resin to 100 kg aggregate.

Foot traffic only:                6.0 kg Resin to 100 kg aggregate.

Vehicle no turning:           6.5 kg Resin to 100 kg aggregate.

Vehicle turning:                 7.0 kg Resin to 100 kg aggregate.

Vehicle regular turning:   7.5 kg Resin to 100 kg aggregate.

Q:  Does increasing the depth of the

resin increase the strength?

A: No. Increasing the depth from 15 mm to 20 mm makes it deeper, not stronger. It also makes it more expensive. Please remember the minimum installation depth is 3 x the largest stone in the mix. So a 2-5mm stone has a minimum installation depth of 15mm.


To increase the strength you will need to increase the amount of resin in the mix. 

This mix is stronger

6Kg Resin / 100Kg Stone 

7.5Kg Resin / 100Kg Stone

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