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OnePoint surfaces should be kept clean. They should be regularly swept with a stiff broom to remove debris that could be crushed into the surface by a vehicle. Some areas may require hosing after light scrubbing with detergent.


Areas in shaded areas may require regular treatment to prevent moss. If moss gets established in the surface during the winter months ice can form in the roots which can damage the surface. Spraying the surface periodically to prevent weed growth is recommended. Tree resin can be removed with Barkeepers friend.


Larger areas that require mechanical sweeping can be swept with a rotary sweeper provided the brushes are poly brushes. Metal brushes will damage the surface.



OnePoint surfaces can be marked by tyres. This can be cause by dirt and debris being transferred to the surface from the highway, stones trapped in the tyres etc.



Like all surfaces, OnePoint surfaces have should be treated with care and protected from damage. By way of an example kitchen works tops should be protected with a chopping board when sharp knives are being used to cut bread. Similarly, when using a OnePoint surface care should be taken not to turn steering on the spot as this will cause damage to the surface.


There are a number of solutions you can try with oil damage. These include engine de-greaser, WD 40 for old oil, fairy liquid and washing powder have all worked. Each will require scrubbing then a light jet wash in accordance with the washing information below.



The removal of ice from the surface can be achieved by the application of rock salt. This should be rinsed off when the weather improves.



OnePoint surfaces can be cleaned with a power washer not exceeding 120bar with the lance no closer than 450mm. Stained areas can be pre-treated and lightly scrubbed before power washing and larger areas can be treated with rotary cleaner with fibre brushes.


We recommend that a small test area should be cleaned first to ensure that the chosen technique does not damage the surface. This applies to all guidance within this page.



OnePoint surfaces are intended to be used by normal expected levels of pedestrian or

vehicular traffic for which they have been designed. Surface owners should ensure that the surface is properly protected when a surface is being used in a way that would not be considered normal for the type of surface.


Care should be taken with any hard objects such as motorbike stands, gardening

machinery, skips, concrete plant pots, building works, pallet trucks, moffets, fork lifts, point loading such as motorbike stands or other items that could cause damage to the surface.


Surfaces should also be protected from oil spills, acetone, diesel, grease or any chemicals which may stain, damage or cause softening of the surface.


The information care and maintenance guidance information is provided in good faith and OnePoint or any associated businesses accept any liability for damage that may be caused when following this guidance.

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