Very popular product.


GRAVELSET 5L - Pour, Mix or Spray.

GS Ultra - Hand Mix 5 Year Guarantee.

Pre-Loaded Sprayer 5L

Pre-Loaded Sprayer 2L

Mix & Fix - Includes resin and aggregate. (Covers 0.5m2 at 18mm depth).


Calculating your gravel.


When you mix GRAVELSET or GS ULTRA in a mixer or by hand 1Kg will coat approximately 25Kg of gravel. 25Kg of gravel is around 4-5 shovel loads.


Coverage is determined by the aggregate size, depth and application method.


GRAVELSET Stone Binder – 2 Year Guarantee – Resin Formula Stronger than Water Formulas – (8m2 to 14m2) Easy to Apply.


Made in Kent, the Garden of England.

2 Year Guarantee.

Only one coat is usually required.

Fixes together loose gravel from 3mm – 20mm.

Pour on, hand mix or spray on.

New or used gravel.

Also available in pre-loaded sprayers.

Easy to apply, drying time 8 hours at 15oC.

Rain after application won’t cause failure on free draining surfaces.

Coverage 8 to14m2 dependent on application method.

Minimum installation temperature 5oC and rising.

Our resin formula is faster drying, can be applied in lower temperatures and is stronger than water formulas.

All ONEPOINT Resin products come with a minimum 2 Year Guarantee.



GRAVELSET® is a loose gravel resin binder which can be used with new or existing gravel up to 20mm in diameter. GRAVELSET can be applied using pour on, spray on and hand mix methods. There are five versions of GRAVELSET® which include pre-loaded sprayer versions for ease of application.


For higher traffic areas we would recommend using GRAVELSET Ultra which is the strongest version of GRAVELSET. GRAVELSET Ultra is a hand mix application which is then smoothed and compacted with a hand trowel. All versions of GRAVELSET have been designed for DIY customers.


GRAVELSET is not recommended for vehicle traffic. If you require a vehicle traffic solution, we recommend BOUNDTEX or ECOTEX which are resin bound systems with a 15 year guarantee.


GRAVELSET® is part of the ONEPOINT Resins Maintenance Free Garden Range. If you like GRAVELSET you might also be interested in PEBBLE POT®, a maintenance free, weed free, water saving pot topper which can also turn planters in to tables or WEEDSEAL which prevents weeds from growing on all types of paving, including block paving.


All ONEPOINT products are made in Kent the Garden of England, and we always recommend downloading and reading the installation advice and safety data sheet below before purchase.



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