GRAVELSET ULTRA fixes your loose gravel in place, permanently. Its easy to use an ideal for tidying up annoying loose gravel surrounds on paths, patios etc.


10 Year Guarantee.


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Use approximately 500 grams to 1 Kilo of GRAVEL SET ULTRA to 25Kg gravel. Larger gravels have a lower surface area and require less resin.


Before starting read all of the instructions and put on some protective gloves.

1. Ensure the gravel is clean and dry.
2. Protect any areas or edgings that you do not want GRAVEL SET applied to.
3. Pour or move Approximately 25Kg of gravel in to a large flexible bucket.
( A clean cement mixer or paddle mixer can also be used)
4. Pour GRAVEL SET on to the gravel. 550 grams 1Kg per 25Kg of gravel.
5. Using a clean trowel or paddle mixer, mix the gravel with GRAVEL SET until the gravel is fully coated.
7. Transport the coated gravel to the installation location.
8. Trowel or rake to the required finish. ( Tools can be cleaned with white spirit )



• Please read the safety information before opening the container.
• Do not install if rain is forecast within 8 hours of completion.

• Allow 8 – 24 hours to dry.



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