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Before you get a resin bound quote

Here is a list of key things to know about when you are getting a resin bound quote.


  1. The minimum resin layer depth is 15mm or three times the largest average stone size in the aggregate. This is usually 5mm. If it is suggested that the resin surface should be 20mm with a 5mm aggregate this won’t make the surface stronger but will be 25% more expensive.

  2. Do not use any marble in the mix for car traffic as it has less than half the strength of Quartz and Granite. Marble has a Moh hardness score of 3, Granite 6.5 and Quartz 7.

  3. View our samples page to see which colour aggregates can be used with UV and non UV resin. Using Non UV resin with light coloured aggregates will completely change the final colour after 30 days of UV sunlight.

  4. Resin bound can often be installed over an old driveway, path or patio. You don't always need to build a new base.


There are other things to consider but these are the four most important points to check. If you have any concerns about a quote you receive you can call our office on 01732 845007 for technical advice.

ONEPOINT is a resin bound gravel manufacturer, 15 minutes from Junction 4 of the M25 and one hour from central London

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