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ONEPOINT would like to share some common problems with easy to apply solutions.

No1. My drive has been damaged by a utility company, what can I do?

Firstly, don't let them dispose of the original aggregate as this can be re-instated after using ONEPOINT's Dissolve & Resolve. 

The solution dissolves the original resin off the aggregate which can then be re-instated. If the damage has been caused by car tracking and requires topping up, the original aggregate can be underlayed. Dissolve & Resolve can also be used to clean resin off of vehicles and is available in 1 liter and 5 liter containers.

No2. My resin installation has gone white over night, what's happened?

All contractors know that they cannot work when its raining because the rain can react with the isocyanate hardener making the surface go white. However, there are a growing number of resin contractors who are using soapy water as a trowel lubricant.


Whilst this can work with some resins in the summer, during the colder weather the troweling action presses the water into the isocyanate and with cold nights and longer curing times the resin can go white over night. This is called resin bound blooming.

The pictures below were all taken on the same day at the same installation. The contractor was advised how to resolve the issue which has now been resolved. Call for details 01732 845007.

Water on resin.png

The easiest way to prevent this happening is to apply EZ Trowel to your trowels. One free bottle of EZ Trowel comes with all ONEPOINT orders.

No3. I have had a couple of rust spots appear on my drive what can I do about them?

Because aggregates have a natural iron content this can sometimes lead to rust spots appearing with some aggregates.

This is more likely to happen when a resin installer uses thinners such as white spirit, xylene on their trowels as the thinners will remove the top layer of resin exposing the aggregate to weather elements. 

Rust spotting can easily be treated with Rust Away. Simply spray the affected area and agitate with a stiff bush. After approximately 10 minutes the rust should disappear. Some areas may require more than one treatment.

To reduce the chances of rust spotting returning apply a roller coat of resin over the whole surface. Roller coats should ONLY be applied when the aggregate is completely dry. They layer should also be applied as thinly as possible to avoid blooming.

1 rust.png
Rust Spot.png

No4. A recent visitors car has leaked a small amount of oil on to our resin drive, how can I remove this?

Removing oil can vary vastly between different aggregates depending on how porous they are. A simple example being that marble is more porous than quartz. ONEPOINT does not recommend using marble for driveways, more information can be found within our knowledge centre.

To remove oil we recommend Dissolve & Remove. Simply spray on, agitate with a stiff brush and wash off with warm soapy water. 

Some areas may require more than one treatment and jet washing and results will vary dependent on how long the oil on your resin bound drive has been there. Washing powder mixed with warm water can also work on new stains.

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