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OnePoint has a range of surfaces available suitable for internal and external use.

BoundTex Resin Bound

This is the most popular surface. It can be applied to any structurally sound surface which can be an existing surface or newly built.


BoundTex resin bound is water permeable, SUDs compliant, low maintenance and hard wearing. Popular areas to apply it include driveways, paths, patios, swimming pool and spa surrounds.


To view the specifications for new builds, click here.


StoneTex stone carpets

Widely used in Scandinavian countries stone carpets come in hundreds of colours. They are quick to install, hard wearing, clean, low maintenance, allergen friendly and can be installed on to any structurally sound surface internally or externally.


They can also be installed on top of underfloor heating systems and due to the interlocking pebble structure retain more heat than traditional flooring. In wet areas an optional seal coat can be applied. Popular areas to install stone carpets include kitchens, conservatories, wet rooms, bathrooms, offices, showrooms and more. StoneTex stone carpets are one of the few surfaces that can flow from in to out and look amazing with bifold door rooms.


To view the specifications for new builds, click here.



Is a new addition to our range and can be installed in the same places as resin bound gravel. AquaPave is quick to install but by far its biggest asset is how environmentally friendly it is.


With a new build structure AquaPave removes the need for an asphalt or concrete layer and once the rainwater lands on the surface it goes straight back in to the ground. AquaPave can have several finishes to the surface course and works really well in conjunction with BoundFlex for country paths.


To view the specifications for new builds, click here.



Is another new surface from OnePoint that puts a spring in your step. By combining recycled type granules with our kiln dried aggregates BoundFlex provides a high-quality low impact surface which is ideal for country parks, walkways, tree surrounds and Pedestrian areas.


When combined with AquaPave, BoundFlex provides a robust, low maintenance, environmentally friendly, low impact surface. Put a spring in your step today by specifying BoundFlex.


To view the specifications for new builds, click here.



This resin bonded surface is a Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) approved anti-slip system. Its quick to install and usually ready for use the same day.


Popular uses for resin bonded includes access ramps, sloped driveways, car park, foot paths or anywhere that additional slip resistance is required.  

To view the specifications for new builds, click here.

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