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WELCOME to the Future of Permeable Paving


ONEPOINT was one of the earliest manufacturers and suppliers of resin paving in the UK starting in 2006. And the UK now has, the largest resin paving market in the World. Since 2006 we have trained over 1,000 contractors to install resin paving, we have refined the resin paving systems to make them simple to use, and invented new ones. 

We need to do all we can to conserve as much water as possible, to alleviate the risk of flooding where possible and to manage our rainwater in a better way. All three of these can be achieved with water permeable ONEPOINT Resin Paving.

Permeable resin paving is highly versatile and can be installed as a completely new surface or retrospectively fitted to existing surfaces to improve the environment. They are also profitable systems for manufacturers, distributors, agents, and contractors to sell.

Its well documented that the climate we live in is changing and whether you agree with the causes or reasons for that there are some parts which can be easily viewed in real life.  The high temperatures, more frequent forest fires, flooding's and increased rain fall can be seen around the world daily. And this is where ONEPOINT comes in. 

ONEPOINT Resin Surfacing is excited to be bringing the systems and aggregates we manufacturer to the United States. With our experience and expertise, we are looking forward to working with individuals and corporations to create a network of Agents, Distributors and Contractors across the USA supplying and installing ONEPOINT Permeable Paving.

We have a range of exciting opportunities that cater for all budgets form being a licensed agent and training specialist to being a full raw materials manufacturer. Below is a summary of the opportunities and their associated costs. 

ONEPOINTS ultimate goal is to turbo charge the adoption of permeable resin paving in the United States, to create jobs and opportunities for US citizens whilst improving the environment we live in.


Licensed Agent

You will fly to the UK to be trained, receive all training material and support required to run successful training events.

Setup Cost - $12,000 includes return flights and accomodation.

Income per training course - $5,000 (10 Participants).

Resin Bound Training.JPG

Attendees will learn:

  • Resin paving installation theory and practical

  • Working times and procedures.

  • How to mix the systems.

  • Trowelling options and techniques.

  • Troubleshooting and much more.


Licensed Distributor

In addition to receiving all training given to a licensed agent, we will also teach you how to distribute the materials required and provide you with the ongoing support to successfully grow your network of resin contractors.

Minimum warehouse space required - 6,000 square feet.

Setup Cost - $150,000 includes 28,000 square feet minimum initial stock.

Cost price - Per square foot $2.60. Retail $6.00.

Income per training course - $5,000 (10 Participants).

Licensed Manufacturer

We will source all the aggregates required locally in the United States which will substantially reduce costs and increase margins.

Becoming a Licensed Manufacturer means that no one will be able to compete with you and increased profit margins. Our experience will help you avoid the extensive pitfalls you can fall into at every stage of setting up a resin paving manufacturing warehouse. Setup costs will vary based on location, but you will need a budget of between $2-$4 million.

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